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    Media Advisory – AESO provides update on temporary power outages from Sunday night


    On Sunday, Feb. 21 at 9:13 p.m. Alberta experienced a frequency disturbance on the power system that caused built-in safeguards to trip power to certain areas of the province. The disturbance lasted roughly 20 minutes and affected approximately 125 MW of load (customers). The disturbance was initiated by the unexpected loss of the Alberta-British Columbia transmission line.

    North American reliability standards are in place to deal with situations like this and specific substations in the province are instantaneously sent a signal to cut power to balance frequency.

    At no time was Alberta in an Energy Emergency Alert situation like what was experienced in Texas and other parts of the southern United States last week.

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    Mike Deising
    Director, Communications
    Phone: 403-651-0512
    Twitter: @theaeso

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