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    Media Statement: Energy Emergency Alert 1 ends as more generation becomes available

    The Energy Emergency Alert (EEA) 1 activated by the AESO at 8:15 a.m. ended at 11:16 a.m. today (Jan. 16, 2020). The EEA 1 was due to cold weather affecting the operations of some generation facilities and low wind in the province as electricity demand was ramping up.

    EEA is a zero-3 tiered alert system with established protocols and processes to balance supply and demand (zero is normal conditions).

    In an EEA 1, supply continues to meet demand but we may need to start using our reserves. In an EEA 2 all power needs in the province continue to be met, but we are using reserves.

    At EEA 3, we anticipate the need to curtail load (meaning some customers will temporarily lose power in some parts of the province until enough generation returns to the grid or power usage reduces to a point where we can balance supply and demand once again).

    With the cold weather expected to continue over the next few days, the AESO is closely monitoring the system and will notify Albertans if grid conditions worsen. In the meantime, Albertans are encouraged to reduce their electricity usage if possible when grid conditions are tight. Visit our website for more electricity conservation tips.