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    Sustaining Reliability through the Transformation

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    The purpose of this session is to provide stakeholders with an understanding of the AESO’s approach and plans to ensure reliability is sustained as the industry transforms to a more decarbonized and decentralized future.  This will include walking through the reliability domains that the AESO will be assessing through analysis and the action plans that will be developed through the AESO’s Reliability Roadmap.  The AESO will share preliminary perspectives on the future challenges anticipated within each reliability domain, the priority of action the AESO will be taking, and the AESO’s directional approach to address the highest priority reliability challenges.  The discussion will include how the Reliability Roadmap integrates with other current reliability-related initiatives (e.g., frequency response capability, MSSC limits, intertie restoration) and analysis (e.g., LTP, Flexibility Report, Net Zero Emissions Pathways).

    Out-of-scope for the session

    The following topics will be out-of-scope and will not be discussed within this information session:

    • Government policy related initiatives or topics
    • Project specific questions
    • Any open regulatory file related questions

    Proposed Schedule

    The AESO anticipates a follow-up session will be planned in early 2023 to share the initial Reliability Roadmap, the results of the AESO’s analysis to date and the action plans incorporated within the roadmap.