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    Energy Trading System tools

    Access tools, manuals, and key trading information for market participants

    The Energy Trading System (ETS) is used to participate in the wholesale energy market. Market participants use ETS to enter energy supply offers and demand bids. The system also includes metering data, settlement and billing.

    Accessing ETS

    Participants are required to apply for and receive a digital certificate to gain access to the confidential information residing on the ETS. A digital certificate assures that the website you access is the secure AESO ETS. It also allows the ETS to recognize authorized system users and allow access to appropriate information.

    For security integrity, certificates require renewal on or before the anniversary date of the installation. Symantec VeriSign will automatically notify you one month prior to the annual renewal date.

    For fast facts on digital certificates, the application form, and instructions on applying, renewing, importing/exporting, and troubleshooting digital certificates, read the following documents.

    ETS manuals

    These participant manuals provide step-by-step instructions for navigating the ETS.

    Read instructions for entering offers for energy, net settlement instructions and submitting offers as an import/export participant here:

    File upload examples and templates

    Download templates and examples to help you submit or restate an energy offer, submit or restate dispatch down service, operating reserves, or report an upcoming outage.

    Outage scheduling & load outage report forms

    Helpful tips: using acknowledgements for file upload

    Participants may use acknowledgements that they receive when restating through the ETS user-interface to perform a restatement file upload. Log in to the ETS and follow the steps below:

    1. Submission -> Energy Submission

    a. Select Restatement
    b. Edit Existing
    c. Today’s date
    d. Source

    2. Result tab select an asset for restatement

    3. Data Entry tab click ‘Submit’ button

    4. An acknowledgement window pops up

    5. Save the acknowledgement in a file (.txt or CSV)

    ETS training environment

    The ETS training environment gives new and existing pool participants the opportunity to practice transactions in a sandboxed environment.

    To access the ETS training environment, you need an ETS training digital certificate. Digital certificates cost $100 plus GST per certificate, per year. This cost will appear on your monthly pool statement.

    Energy Trading System (ETS) training environment user access request form

    To request access to the ETS, email the application form above to