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    New Fuel Type Additions to Energy Trading System (ETS) Reports

    Please note, the implementation date of this change has been rescheduled to June 22, 2021.

    Effective June 22, 2021, the AESO will implement a change to add new fuel types to the Energy Trading System (ETS). This change will impact the following reports

    Current Supply and Demand Report Changes

    Please note the following changes as described below:

    • New categories, ‘Dual Fuel’, ‘Solar’, and ‘Energy Storage’ will be added as fuel types with their associated assets.
    • New rows for the above fuel types will be added to the ‘GENERATION’ table at the top of the report.
    • A new subcategory, ‘Gas Fired Steam’ will be added under the ‘Gas’ fuel type category.
    •  The layout of the fuel type categories will be reorganized to improve readability.

    A sample of the Current Supply and Demand Report can be found in .png format here and in .html format here (zipped). Please note that while automated processes used to interact with the AESO’s reports (“screenscraping”) is not supported by the AESO, we are providing these samples to assist in minimizing the impact on participant’s processes.

    Monthly Outage, Daily Outage, and 7 Day Hourly Available Capability Report Changes

    Please note the following change as described below:

    • Three new columns/rows will be added for the new fuel types, ‘Dual Fuel’, ‘Solar’, and ‘Energy Storage’.

    A sample of these reports can be found at the links below:

    If you have any questions regarding this enhancement, please email us at