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    URL Changes: Automated Dispatch and Messaging System ("ADaMS") and Dispatch Tool (“DT”) Decoupling

    The AESO provided notification previously that it will be decoupling ADaMS from our Dispatch Tool. Due to an unanticipated issue, the implementation date has been rescheduled to January 28, 2021.

    The AESO has also identified that while the URL domain name will remain the same (“”), the context path will change from “dt-web” to “adams-web” for all ADaMS URLs.



    Effective January 28, 2021


    Following the implementation, ADaMS users will need to use the new URL to access ADaMS.

    Please note that automated processes used to interact with ADaMS (“screen scrapers”) may be impacted by this change. While screen scraping is not supported by the AESO, we are advising of the possible impact to screen scrapers to reduce the impact on participants’ processes

    If you have any questions regarding this enhancement, please email us at