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    Transmission Rate Projection Workbook

    The 2018 ISO tariff application includes a Transmission Rate Projection (TRP) workbook, to help industrial consumers evaluate the impact of projected future transmission costs. The model was submitted to the AUC as part of the 2018 ISO tariff application.

    The TRP uses inputs from the AESO’s 2015 Long-term Transmission Plan (LTP) and 2017 Long-term Outlook (LTO). The 2017 LTP is still being finalized. As such, the TRP workbook will be amended once the 2017 LTP is published in early 2018.

    The TRP workbook is available as part of proceeding 22942, which has been commenced by the AUC to consider the AESO’s 2018 ISO tariff application. For information about this proceeding, please visit the AUC’s Current Applications web page