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    CIP-013-AB-2, CIP-003-AB-8, CIP-005-AB-7 & CIP-010-AB-4

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    The AESO intends to consult with Stakeholders on the CIP-013 and supporting standards (adoption of CIP-003-AB-8, CIP-005-AB-7, CIP-010-AB-4, CIP-013-AB-2 and the retirement of CIP-003-AB-5, CIP-005-AB-5 and CIP-010-AB-1) which are focused on addressing new cyber security challenges facing the AIES. Adoption of CIP-003-AB-8, CIP-005-AB-7, CIP-010-AB-4 and CIP-013-AB-2 will require all Responsible Entities with high-, medium-, and low-impact BES cyber systems to implement supply chain security.

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