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    2023 Budget Development Process

    AESO Board Decision

    The AESO Board has approved the 2023 Business Plan and Budget Proposal. View the AESO Board Decision.

    The AESO wants to take this opportunity to thank stakeholders for their contributions in the 2023 BDP engagement process. We appreciate and value the time and effort you have taken to participate and share your thoughts, insights and expertise.


    The AESO launched a new and improved Budget Development Process (BDP) for the 2023 budget cycle. The BDP created greater opportunities for earlier involvement and engagement amongst the AESO Board, the Executive and stakeholders and communicated clear expectations on the process and ultimate budget outcome. View our Letter to Stakeholders for details.


    The purpose of the BDP is to consult with stakeholders on the AESO’s areas of focus and proposed budget and forecasts for the upcoming year as per the Transmission Regulation. The 2023 BDP will be used to establish the AESO’s business plan and budget for 2023.

    The revised approach will enable earlier involvement and engagement with the Board, the Executive and stakeholders, framed at the strategic level, to inform corporate areas of focus for the upcoming year. The legacy budget process created challenges for our stakeholders as it set an expectation that the AESO could make substantial alterations to the budget in response to stakeholder feedback provided during the process. The revised approach is intended to address this challenge and facilitate a more meaningful exchange with stakeholders as it relates to what stakeholders have told us they want increased influence over – namely the types, timing and priority of work the AESO undertakes.

    For information on this consultation, view the 2023 Budget Development Process page on AESO Engage.

    2023 BDP materials