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    Comments Due | Section 502.4, Consultation Letter

    Background and Purpose

    In 2018, the AESO initiated Stakeholder engagement to modify the existing requirements in COM-001-AB1-1.1, COM-002-AB1-2a, and Section 502.4. The objective of these existing authoritative documents is to ensure that the AESO and each applicable market participant have adequate and reliable voice and message telecommunication facilities, both internally and with others, for the exchange of connection and operating information necessary to maintain reliability.

    The purpose of the Communication ISO Rule and Reliability Standards is to: (i) align the voice and message telecommunication facilities requirements with the latest NERC communication reliability standards; (ii) eliminate overlapping requirements in current AESO authoritative documents; and (iii) improve the clarity and organization of the voice communication, Automated Dispatch and Messaging System (“ADaMS”), and operating personnel communication protocol requirements within relevant AESO authoritative documents.

    Request for Comment

    Please use the Stakeholder Comment Matrix document, which is posted below, when submitting comments to the AESO. The AESO only considers written comments when finalizing the Communication ISO Rule and Reliability Standards.

    Stakeholders should ensure that comments provided represent all interests within their organization.

    Please respond to the questions in the attached Stakeholder Comment Matrix document and provide your specific comments, proposed revisions, and reasons for your position. Providing general comments does not give the AESO any specific issue to consider and address, and results in a general response. The scope of comments is limited to the Communication ISO Rule and Reliability Standards and related information documents.

    Stakeholders are asked to provide comments no later than August 19, 2022 to Adherence to deadlines is essential to the integrity of the comment process, and as such, the AESO may choose not to consider any Stakeholder comments received after the deadline.

    Visit the Section 502.4 page for more information on this consultation.

    • Date & time August 19, 2022, 12:00 AM, MDT