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    Renewable Electricity Program


    On June 10, 2019 the Government of Alberta advised the AESO that they will not be continuing with the Renewable Electricity Program (REP) and thus do not intend to proceed with additional competition rounds. The government provided direction moving forward that the AESO should continue to oversee the projects and contracts awarded under previous REP rounds. 

    We will continue to work closely with the Government of Alberta on a competitive framework that provides affordable, reliable electricity for Albertans.

    REP Rounds 1, 2 and 3

    We will continue to meet with project developers from all three REP Rounds to monitor progress and to administer the contracts.

    We successfully ran two separate but parallel competitions in 2018. REP Rounds 2 and 3 built off the tremendous success of REP Round 1 in 2017. Strong competition from local and international investors demonstrates Alberta continues to attract significant interest in developing renewables projects at competitively low bid prices. To learn more about the first three REP competitions, please see the REP Results page.                           

    Renewable Electricity Support Agreement: Milestone extension- COVID 19

    Due to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, certain qualifying generators participating in REP have been offered an extension to the RESA milestone dates. To learn more, click here.

    Contact us

    For general REP inquiries, please contact