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    Daylight Saving Time Notice

    On Sunday, Nov. 5, 2023, the AESO will switch from Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) to Mountain Standard Time (MST) for all of its daily operations.

    On this date, the AESO will number the hour endings (HE) in the AESO’s Energy Trading System (ETS) as 01, 02, 02* through to 24 (adding an additional HE 02*) as outlined in Commission Rule 021 Section; except for Daily System Measurement (DSM) transactions which will number the hour endings 1, 2 through to 25.

    It is the responsibility of all participants with dispatchable assets to log into the ETS and ensure their submissions for Nov. 5, 2023, reflect the addition of HE 02*.

    File Upload Restatements

    If a participant attempts to restate using a file upload outside of T-2 during HE 2 on Nov. 5, 2023, an error message will be received. To restate successfully outside of T-2 during HE 2 the restatement must be entered manually by utilizing the Submission > Energy Submission tab.


    All importers and exporters within the Western Electricity Coordinating Council must prepare in advance to correctly submit e-tags for the 25 hour day on Nov. 5, 2023, due to the upcoming time change.

    Long Lead Time Assets

    If you are submitting a start time for a long lead time asset for a time between 1 a.m. MDT and 2 a.m. MST on Nov. 5, 2023, you will receive a message indicating that you need to select the appropriate time zone. A time zone drop down menu will appear after this message is displayed. You will need to re-enter the start time information, select a time zone and submit the start time record again. The start time record will be successful after you re-submit.

    If you have any questions, please email us at