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    AESO Conduct

    Guiding our business and conduct

    AESO Bylaws

    Our Bylaws reflect the transparency and ethical behaviour that lie at the centre of all AESO business activities. They were created as directed in Section 10 of the Electric Utilities Act. The AESO Bylaws also contain our Code of Conduct, guiding us in our mission to serve the public interest.

    Read the AESO Bylaws here:

    AESO Code of Conduct

    The AESO Code of Conduct (AESO Code) underscores our unwavering commitment to integrity, compliance with laws, and the highest ethical standards. All AESO employees, Board Members and Agents must follow the AESO Code  and complete annual training and attestation of compliance.

    Contractors are required to follow requirements and ethical standards that are similar to or more stringent than those established in the AESO Code in accordance with the provisions set out in their respective contracts and in individual policies provided to them by the AESO.

    If you have a concern about the conduct of any representative of the AESO that may violate the AESO Code, applicable laws, ethical standards, or contract provisions, you can submit a report by using the AESO Ethics Hotline here. A third-party provider is used to operate the Ethics Hotline for the AESO, which gives you an option to make your complaint anonymously.

    Submit a report

    Gifts and Invitations to Events

    We understand that service providers, market participants or other stakeholders may from time to time send invitations to events or offer gifts to an AESO representative as part of ordinary business conventions. To ensure that such gifts and invitations to events are appropriate and do not place an AESO representative in a conflict of interest, we have adopted the AESO Code of Conduct which governs when a gift or invitation to an event may be accepted, which includes monetary limits on the value of gifts and event invitations.

    If you have any questions regarding whether offering a gift or invitation to an event to an AESO representative is appropriate, we encourage you to review the sections on “Gifts, Events and Conferences” and “Conflicts of Interest” in the AESO Code of Conduct, which can be found above. It is important to regularly check the Code of Conduct so that you are aware of any changes. We also encourage you to review any applicable legislation to which you may be subject, including but not limited to the Lobbyist Act, as there may be other legal restrictions regarding the giving of gifts or invitations to events.

    We appreciate your cooperation and commitment to helping the AESO maintain its high ethical standards.

    AESO Mandate and Roles

    The Mandate and Roles Document was developed collaboratively between the Minister and the AESO. It is intended to satisfy the requirements of the Alberta Public Agencies Governance Act (APAGA) and reflects a common understanding of the authority, respective roles, and responsibilities of the parties. You can view the AESO Mandate and Roles document here.


    Disclaimer: This information is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal or other professional advice or an opinion of any kind. We encourage you to seek specific legal advice by contacting your legal counsel regarding any specific legal issues. The AESO does not warrant or guarantee the quality, accuracy or completeness of any information on this web site, and it should not be relied upon as accurate, timely or fit for any particular purpose.