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    Cost Management

    We recognize the cost pressures families, business owners, farmers and commercial and industrial consumers are facing as Albertans continue to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and economic uncertainty.  The AESO is committed to ensuring Albertans receive value from our power system while managing future costs.

    We are doing this by optimizing our existing transmission system, by minimizing or deferring new infrastructure builds, by streamlining and simplifying our planning activities and by reducing regulatory red tape.

    The 2022 Long-term Transmission Plan defers more than $1 billion in capital spending by several years compared to the 2020 Long-term Transmission Plan. Using an enhanced risk-based modelling approach, the AESO is seeking to optimize the existing transmission system by identifying potential opportunities to delay large transmission developments while meeting reliability needs.

    LTP Projects Scenarios

    This chart depicts projected capital spending on transmission projects based on scenarios outlined in the 2020 Long-term Transmission Plan and 2022 Long-term Transmission Plan. View the 2022 LTP.

    2021 Cost Management Highlights

    • The AESO is committed to reducing transmission costs by identifying lower-cost solutions and deferring investment decisions. This has resulted in between $275 million and $320 million in net present value savings to Alberta ratepayers in 2021.