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    Media resources

    • scc1
      Photo Aug. 7, 2016

      AESO System Controllers work on a 24-7 schedule to ensure the grid is delivering electricity to Albertans.


      Download (3.1 MB)
    • scc2
      Photo Aug. 7, 2016

      The AESO's system coordination centre is the heart of Alberta's electricity system.


      Download (2.9 MB)
    • scc3
      Photo Aug. 7, 2016

      AESO System Controllers manage the province's electricity, dispatching power to meet demand, 24 hours a day.


      Download (3.4 MB)
    • scc5
      Photo Aug. 7, 2016

      Keeping the lights on requires constant monitoring of the grid, 24 hours per day, every day of the year.


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    • scc7
      Photo Aug. 7, 2016

      Flick a switch, and instantly the lights come on. But we rarely think about where electricity comes from or how it gets to our homes and businesses. It may seem like magic, but it takes immense planning, coordination, and perfect execution to ensure we have power when and where we need it.


      Download (3.5 MB)
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