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    Understanding Electricity in Alberta

    Learn more about the electricity system in Alberta and the AESO's role.

    Keeping Alberta Connected to the Grid

    When you turn on a light or computer, you don't need to think about where your electricity comes from. That's our job. We're always looking for ways to improve the grid and keep power available whenever you need it. It can be a large undertaking. As you learn how electricity works in Alberta, you gain a better understanding of how we're working for you.

    Where Does Alberta's Power Come from?

    A Snapshot of Alberta's Power

    • We manage the entire system by balancing the supply of electricity with what's needed. Along with our industry partners, we facilitate the market where generators sell power to meet Alberta's energy needs. The electricity from generators, such as power plants and wind farms, travels through transmission lines and into homes and businesses across the province.

      As we help new generators come online and work with transmission companies to improve infrastructure, we shape the future of the grid.

    AIES Map

    The Alberta Interconnected Electric System (AIES) Map shows a high-level view of the transmission system, including lines, substations, generators and planning areas, overlaid with provincial geographic landmarks.  The map can be downloaded in PDF format at the link below.