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    ARS Compliance Monitoring Information Session: PRC-002 and PRC-005 and ARS Workplan Update

    Session Purpose

    The AESO is pleased to invite all interested stakeholders to attend information session on the following Alberta Reliability Standards: PRC-002 and PRC-005. The agenda for the session will cover compliance monitoring lessons learned for a select number of standards. An update will be provided to stakeholders for the ARS workplace at the end of the session.

    Registration Information

    Please click here to register for the ARS Compliance Monitoring Information Session on PRC-002 and PRC-005 and the ARS Workplan Update.

     *To make it easier to identify you when raising your hand or submitting a question during the session, please enter your company name prior to your first name in the First Name text box (e.g., AESO Jane or XYZ Company Joe) when registering.

    If you have questions or issues with registering, please email

    • Date & time November 26, 2020, 09:00 AM to 11:30 AM, MST