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    Comments Due | Interconnected Electric System Protection Requirements Initial Issues List


    The AESO has developed the Initial Issues List for stakeholders’ consideration and a series of Stakeholder Feedback Survey questions that will inform the AESO’s determination of the scope of the engagement. The AESO proposes to host roundtable technical discussions in Spring 2024 to review interconnected electric system protection requirements. The AESO prefers to host the discussions in the form of in-person stakeholder sessions, with the possibility of a hybrid format (i.e., combined virtual and in-person), if necessary, to accommodate stakeholders who cannot attend in person.

    The AESO will determine further consultation steps pending the outcome of the roundtable technical discussions. The AESO expects that future consultation steps could include additional sessions, webinars, or written stakeholder feedback on specific issues. The AESO intends to produce a paper towards the conclusion of the engagement process summarizing its findings and recommendations based on input and feedback received during the stakeholder engagement process, with an opportunity for stakeholders to review and comment on the paper.

    If, as a result of this engagement, the AESO determines that changes to AESO authoritative documents are required, these will be addressed through the applicable processes for developing ISO rules and Alberta reliability standards.

    Request for Comment and Comment Extension

    The AESO has extended the comment deadline for the Initial Issues List Survey from March 27, 2024 to April 2, 2024. Please use the Stakeholder Feedback Survey on AESO Engage when submitting comments to the AESO by April 2, 2024. Please submit one completed survey per organization. The AESO will post all comments it receives on AESO Engage.

    Issues List Written Consultation Materials

    Can be found in the AESO Materials section on AESO Engage.

    For more information on this engagement, visit the Interconnected Electric System Protection Requirements page on AESO Engage.

    • Date & time April 2, 2024, 12:00 AM, MDT