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    The Future of Electricity in Alberta

    Opportunities and Challenges

    • Alberta’s power sector is undergoing significant change driven by new technologies, carbon policy, broad electrification and a societal desire for cleaner forms of energy.  

      The AESO is playing a leadership role in enabling the transformation of the province’s electricity system. We are taking action to ensure Alberta’s grid is reliable and able to adapt to increasing levels of renewables generation, distributed resources, energy storage, other forms of low-carbon generation, and increasing electrification.   

      Learn more about the future of electricity in Alberta—and the AESO’s commitment to leading industry through this transformation in a way that ensures reliability and minimizes cost to Albertans.  

    Reliability Requirements Roadmap

    The Reliability Roadmap identifies system operating challenges that are beginning to emerge and could grow in significance in the next decade. It documents the AESO’s plans to further investigate and address those challenges to ensure the continued reliable operation of the electric system.

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