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    Reliability Requirements Roadmap

    Grid reliability is the AESO’s top priority. We are constantly monitoring changes and trends that could impact the grid today, and in the future. Alberta’s grid is undergoing rapid transformation due to

    • Significant increase in renewable generation projects ​connecting and requesting access to the grid
    • Supply mix transitioning to gas, wind and solar
    • Increasing amounts of Distributed Energy Resources (any distribution-connected resource that can potentially supply energy onto the grid such as residential solar panels, electric vehicles, home battery storage, etc.)
    • Electrification of load (demand) driven by corporate decarbonization efforts

    The AESO 2023 Reliability Requirements Roadmap identifies system operating challenges that are beginning to emerge and could grow in significance in the next decade. It documents the AESO’s plans to further investigate and address those challenges to ensure the continued reliable operation of the electric system.

    Connection Requirements for Inverter-Based Resources (IBRs)

    Connection Requirements for Inverter-Based Resources (IBRs)

    [Posted: Feb. 23, 2024]

    Download the Report
    AESO 2023 Reliability Requirements Roadmap

    AESO 2023 Reliability Requirements Roadmap

    [Posted: March 10, 2023]

    Download the Roadmap

    The AESO continues to advance work related to the 2023 Reliability Requirements Roadmap. Please visit AESO Engage for updates on roadmap-related activities including:

    • Reliability Requirements Roadmap
    • RFI – Solutions to Mitigate the Instantaneous Impacts of Sudden Supply Loss
    • Evaluation of Most Severe Single Contingency