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    About the Grid

    It is the AESO's job to balance the supply and demand of electricity and keep the grid working for Albertans 24 hours a day. Throughout Alberta, 26,000 km of transmission lines bring power to over four million people. Working with transmission facility owners, generators and retailers we make sure the system has enough power.

    These are the primary transmission facility owners we work with:

    • AltaLink Management Ltd.
    • ATCO Electric Ltd.
    • ENMAX Power Corporation
    • EPCOR Utilities

    Planning Alberta’s Electricity Transmission System

    We expect electricity to be there when we turn on the lights in Alberta. Learn how the AESO plans the transmission system in a way that ensures a reliable electricity system now and in the future.

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    AIES Map

    The Alberta Interconnected Electric System (AIES) Map shows a high-level view of the transmission system, including lines, substations, generators and planning areas, overlaid with provincial geographic landmarks.  The map can be downloaded in PDF format at the link below.

    Policy and Regulation

    The Electric Utilities Act and Transmission Regulation are the key legislative and regulatory documents guiding our transmission planning and grid operations. Read about them here: