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    Contract Process

    This page is intended to provide an overview of the key deliverables and roles and responsibilities for a typical project as it follows the Contract Process. The key deliverables and roles and responsibilities described below may be modified based on the scope and complexity of the project.

    For a high-level summary of the Contract Process, see the Quick Reference Guide:

    • Acronym Reference


      Alberta Utilities Commission


      Construction Contribution Decision


      Critical Energy Infrastructure Information


      Distribution Facility Owner


      Demand Transmission Service


      Energy Trading System


      Generation Facility Owner


      Generating Unit Owner’s Contribution


      In-Service Date


      Maximum Capability


      Market Participant


      Needs Identification Document


      Permit & License


      Project Data Update Package


      System Access Service


      System Access Service Request


      Single Line Diagram


      Supply Transmission Service


      Transmission Facility Owner

    Stage 0: Application

    Target Timeline: 2 weeks

    Stage 0 is the initiation stage of the Connection, Behind the Fence, and Contract Processes. In this stage, the market participant identifies a request for a new project by submitting a SASR to the AESO. The SASR is reviewed by the AESO for completeness and the project is initiated.

    • Required deliverables
    • Roles and responsibilities


      • Submits SASR
      • Activates account in the CEII Request Portal


      • Reviews SASR
      • Assigns project name and number and AESO Project Manager
      • After completing all Gate 0 requirements, the AESO issues a letter acknowledging Gate 0 completion to the market participant.


    • Additional information
      • For a list of initial steps to consider prior to submitting a SASR to the AESO, see the “Initiating a project” section on the Connecting to the grid page
      • Read the SASR Guide for guidance while completing the SASR
      • Review ID #2018-018T for further information about the AESO Connection Process
      • Read the Principles for External Engagement
      • Sign up for the AESO Stakeholder Newsletter for AESO updates in the footer of this webpage

    Stage 1: Scope

    Target Timeline: Not Applicable

    Stage 1 is the scoping stage of the project. This stage includes a project kick-off meeting which begins discussions regarding the Project Plan and Study Scope. The responsibilities and involvement of the AESO, TFO, market participant, and study consultant are determined for the project.

    • Required deliverables
      • Project Plan*
      • Study Scope*
      • Stage 1 CCD
      • GUOC Assessment (generators only)
    • Roles and responsibilities


      • Initiates project kick-off meeting
      • Completes Project Plan
      • Coordinates meetings, takes meeting minutes, and coordinates deliverables
      • Completes Study Scope
      • Uploads CEII to the CEII Request Portal
      • Issues Stage 1 CCD and GUOC Assessment


      • Reviews Project Plan and Study Scope
    • Additional information
      • The market participant may be responsible for performing the necessary studies for the project and is responsible for all project costs
      • The study consultant should attend the kick-off meeting
      • Contact if you would like an example of a Study Scope

    Stage 2: Assessment

    Target Timeline: Not Applicable

    In Stage 2, engineering studies are completed to assess the impact of the project on the grid. The study results are reviewed by the AESO.

    Stage 3/4/5: Contract

    Target Timeline: Not Applicable

    In Stage 3/4/5, the market participant and the AESO sign the SAS Agreement.

    • Required deliverables
      • SAS Agreement
      • Construction Contribution payment or refund*
      • Payment in Lieu of Notice (PILON)*
      • GUOC payment (generators only)
      • ETS setup (generators only)
    • Roles and responsibilities


      • Coordinates meetings, takes meeting minutes, and coordinates deliverables
      • Executes the SAS Agreement
      • Reviews application and sets up the GFO and the asset in ETS


      • Executes the SAS Agreement
      • Makes construction contribution payment or receives construction contribution refund
      • Makes payment in lieu of notice


      • Submits GUOC payment
      • Submits application to be set up in ETS
    • Additional information
      • The CCD may be updated in this stage if there are any project changes
      • To estimate the GUOC amount, refer to the GUOC Estimation Calculator
      • See the Joining the energy market page for more information about how to apply to be set up in ETS
      • The Market Participant may be required to provide financial security to the AESO in this stage. See Section 103.3 of the ISO rules, Financial Security Requirements for more information.

    Stage 6: Close Out

    Target Timeline: Not applicable

    Stage 6 marks the end of the project and the final stage of the Contract Process. There are no deliverables included as part of this stage.

    * May not be required depending on the scope and complexity of the project