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    Transmission Capability Map

    This interactive map illustrates transmission capability – the estimated additional generation capacity that could be connected at different locations on the existing transmission system. The transmission capability map is provided to assist market participants in making informed business decisions for generation capacity and location siting in a way that facilitates transmission system optimization. The current version illustrates the capability in the South and Central East regions.  

    These capability values are technology agnostic and are evaluated based on the existing transmission system with historical data. The evaluation does not consider future load, generation, and transmission system developments and operations. Also, the capability values are based on category A thermal congestion and could be further limited by contingencies, other constraints, or other connection projects. Therefore, the capability values are indicative and are not guaranteed in the AESO Connection Process. Comparing the project size to the capability indicates the level of complexity expected in the AESO Connection Process. The locations with capabilities higher than the project size are the favorable locations to consider, whereas locations with little capability or a capability smaller than the project size will likely result in a complex connection request. 

    The AESO Connection Process is the official process to facilitate market participants’ requests for new or altered system access services on Alberta’s transmission system. For more information on the AESO Connection Process, please see Connecting to the Grid. 

    The most recent transmission capability data, an infographic summarizing the assumptions, methods, and key concepts for using this map, and an FAQ can be found here: 

    The AESO provides the transmission capability data. To find distribution level DER hosting capacities in Alberta, please visit: