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    Distributed Energy Resources

    Background and purpose

    Growing volumes of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) are connecting to the provincial grid. The concept of a DER, from the AESO’s perspective, includes any distribution-connected resource that can potentially supply energy onto the Alberta Interconnected Electric System (AIES). This includes resources such as residential solar panels, electric vehicles, home battery storage, distribution-connected generation, or distribution-connected energy storage of any type.

    The AESO published a DER Roadmap in June 2020 which outlines a plan for a future state that is characterized by a higher penetration of DERs. The AESO is continuing to advance a number of activities associated with DERs and will continue to update stakeholders with our progress.

    Current integration activities underway

    The AESO is progressing a number of activities for the remainder of 2022 as part of the updated 2022 Plan for DER Roadmap Integration Activities. The intent of this plan is to provide stakeholders with a consolidated view of the proposed activities for their information and planning purposes.

    Integration activities currently underway include:

    • DER Micro-Generator static data portal

      The AESO has developed a data portal that will provide a digital interface with DFOs for gathering static data of DERs. It is called the DER Data Portal, which is part of the AESO Enterprise portal for secure communication with external stakeholders. Please note that currently only Micro generation (MG) type DER data can be provided through the portal.

      DFOs can use this link to sign-up and start accessing the DER data portal for DER MG Static data submission. For help, please refer to the DER data portal User Guide or email at

    Schedule for 2022 Plan

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