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    DER Roadmap Integration Papers

    Introduction and Purpose

    The growth of distributed energy resources (DERs) and their integration with the Alberta interconnected electric system is driving significant changes for the AESO, distribution facility owners (DFOs), transmission facility owners (TFOs), market participants, and consumers in Alberta. The AESO intends to provide additional clarity to stakeholders by developing or updating a series of documents called “AESO DER Roadmap Integration Papers,” which relate to the DER Roadmap and the various DER Roadmap Integration Activities. The intent is to provide a consolidated location for stakeholders to access key documents for their information and planning purposes. Papers will be published as they are completed, and stakeholders will be informed when a new paper is ready to be viewed.

    Please note that the AESO DER Roadmap Integration Papers are not authoritative. In the event of any discrepancy between the information contained in the AESO DER Roadmap Integration Papers and any AESO Authoritative Document, the Authoritative Document governs. If it is determined that authoritative AESO requirements are necessary in the future, these will be addressed through the applicable Authoritative Document development processes.

    Integration Papers

    Clarifying Questions?

    These AESO DER Roadmap Integration Papers continue our examination of DER integration in Alberta, generally in greater detail than what may have been discussed in the DER Long-term Markets Recommendation Paper or the DER Roadmap document.

    If you have any comments or clarifying questions about information contained in the AESO DER Roadmap Integration Papers, please contact Updates will be provided regularly through the stakeholder newsletter.

    Interrelated Activities