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    Competitive Process

    A Unique Way to Manage Major Transmission Builds

    Our competitive process is an alternate approach to developing large-scale transmission projects in Alberta. The competitive process provides opportunities for interested parties to compete to develop, build, finance, own, operate and maintain certain transmission facilities.

    The framework for the competitive process was developed through extensive consultation with stakeholders, and a review of competitive models in other jurisdictions. The process includes the following three stages:

    • Request for expressions of interest (REOI)
    • Request for qualifications (RFQ)
    • Request for proposals (RFP)

    A fairness advisor oversees all stages of the process and is responsible for monitoring matters relating to fairness. This includes reviewing documentation and evaluation considerations, and attending meetings between the AESO and bidders during the RFP stage.

    Applying the Competitive Process to Major Transmission Projects

    The Fort McMurray West 500 kV Transmission Project is the first transmission project assigned through our competitive process. This project was awarded to Alberta PowerLine Limited Partnership in December 2014. The second project the competitive process will be applied to is the Fort McMurray East 500 kV Transmission Project. The AESO has made the prudent decision to defer the launch of this project based on the current economic environment and low oil prices.

    Read about the Fort McMurray West and East 500 kV Transmission Projects here:

    Fort McMurray West 500 kV Transmission Project

    Fort McMurray East 500 kV Transmission Project

    Background Information

    View the results of our stakeholder consultation here:

    Competitive Process Recommendation Paper [Posted: June 14, 2011]

    Amendments to the Competitive Process Recommendation Paper [Posted: June 27, 2011]

    Additional amendments to the Competitive Process Recommendation Paper [Posted: July 20, 2011]

    The competitive process was approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission pursuant to several decisions that were issued on February 27, 2012, February 14, 2013, and July 9, 2013.

    Read information on the AUC proceedings here:

    AUC Proceeding 1449 – Decision 2012-059 [February 27, 2012]

    AUC Proceeding 1449 – Decision 2013-044 [February 14, 2013]

    AUC Proceeding 2555 – Variance of AUC Decision 2013-044 [July 9, 2013]