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    Data Requests

    Current and Historical Market Data and Reports

    The AESO provides real-time and historical data on the wholesale electricity price, supply and demand, transmission and generation outages, ancillary services and operating reserves and other resources for market participants.

    Market Statistics Data

    The market statistics data file contains data from the Annual Market Statistics report. This file may be supplemented with additional data from time to time.

    • tableau screenshot

    • Data available:

      • Price & Alberta Internal Load (AIL)
      • System & regional load
      • Generation
      • Interties
      • Outages

    Other Data Requests

    Market participants and other stakeholders can request access to certain data not currently posted online or posted in a different format. 

    • To make a request, please download and submit the data request form to

      Note some data requests may not be processed due to commercially sensitive reasons (as detailed in ISO rule 103.1). The AESO will contact you if this is the case and provide an opportunity to amend your data request accordingly.

    One of the AESO’s duties is to make data available to market participants in a manner consistent with the fair, efficient and openly competitive (“FEOC”) operation of the market. This includes the provision of data that is timely, accurate, disseminated fairly, appropriately comprehensive and equally accessible by all market participants. As a result, certain data requests may be published on this page should they be deemed of commercial value and not of a confidential nature (see past data requests below).

    Timing and Cost

    Turnaround time is generally 10-15 business days (from approval). A charge of $100/hour applies to all data requests and final estimates would depend on the complexity of the request. 

    Past Data Requests


    The AESO is a public body subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP Act). Under this legislation, individuals have a right to request access to records in the custody or under the control of the AESO, regardless of any efforts to obtain the information under the Data Request process. Although we cannot confirm whether access would be provided to the requested information under a FOIP Act request, this option does exist. If you choose to submit a formal access to information request under the FOIP Act, it must be made in writing and accompanied by any applicable fee (click here for more information).