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    Historical Generation Data (CSD)

    This historical generation data is from the same data source that is displayed on the Current Supply & Demand (CSD) report on the AESO's ETS website. It contains data for the individual units on the CSD page.

    The data is provided in both 5-minute and 1-hour intervals. The reported volume is the average generation over the given period.

    Please note that this data is not the same as settlement meter data. This data generally represents what was generated at the unit, not necessarily what is delivered to the AESO grid. In addition, the settlement meter data is of higher quality. However, this data may be the only available information for some assets.

    The data is scheduled to be updated monthly.

    *The data is stored with a third-party service. Despite prompts from the service to create a sign-in account, no account is required to access this data.


    The CSD data is for information purposes only. While the AESO has made every attempt to ensure the information presented here is accurate, the AESO is not responsible for any errors or omissions. Consequently, any reliance placed on the information contained herein is at the readers' sole risk.

    Please be aware that there is a significant amount of data in each file. It is possible that the 5-minute interval files may not completely load in Excel and will require a different method to view the data. Every effort will be made to ensure the 1-hour interval files can open in Excel.

    If there are any questions or problems, please email the AESO at