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    Long-Term Adequacy Metrics

    Quarterly Reports Highlighting Long-Term Supply Adequacy, Generation Projects and Reserve Margin

    Long-term adequacy metrics reports are developed with industry input and serve to help us monitor the available supply of electricity in the province and ensure it is adequate to meet demand moving forward.

    Each quarterly report includes:

    1. New generation projects and retirements, labeled by capacity and type
    2. Reserve margin forecast
    3. Supply cushion forecast
    4. Two-year probability of supply adequacy shortfall

    Background information explaining the rationale for the selection of these metrics and the calculation methodology is provided in the Long-term adequacy paper. ISO Rule 202.6 describes the means by which the AESO monitors and reports on the long-term adequacy of the Alberta wholesale electricity market.

    2024 long-term adequacy metrics

    2023 long-term adequacy metrics

    2022 long-term adequacy metrics

    2021 long-term adequacy metrics

    2020 long-term adequacy metrics

    2019 long-term adequacy metrics

    2018 long-term adequacy metrics