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    System flexibility assessment

    System flexibility refers to the ability of the electric system to adapt to dynamic and changing conditions and includes balancing supply and demand by the hour or minute. As more variable generation is integrated into the electric system, additional balancing capability may be required to respond to the combined variability of load demand and variable generation - referred to as net demand variability.

    The AESO assessed the ability of the electric system to respond to net demand variability under different scenarios, including both load and generation forecasts, that span a range of potential system conditions. Scenarios were modelled through market simulation and dispatch simulation to assess parameters that will indicate the ability of the electric system to respond to net demand variability within the forecast period of about 10 years.


    Below, you will find an accompanying file which includes data in the tables and figures in the report.


    The data may also be accessed in an interactive dashboard on the Tableau Public website.


    Stakeholders are invited to provide comments on the 2020 System Flexibility Report by completing this comment matrix and emailing their responses to no later than August 14, 2020.