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    Understanding the Market

    Learn more about the electricity market in Alberta

    In Alberta, electricity is generated, sold and bought on the wholesale electricity market. The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) plays an instrumental role in developing and operating this market. Making sure it remains fair, efficient and openly competitive is one of our key responsibilities. This way, Albertans receive electricity sold at fair prices, with no costs, taxes or fees hidden in the system.

    Are you a new market participant or interested in the market?

    The following documents help existing and potential market participants understand how Alberta's wholesale, energy-only electricity market works. For more information, particularly if you are intending to participate in the market or you are a current market participant, please refer to the Joining the market and Energy Trading System tools sections or contact us.

    AESO FirstCall

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    Market Participation Information

    Need more information? Visit our AESO Connecting to the Grid page.