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    Non-applicable standards

    The following NERC standards were rejected for adoption in Alberta
    Standards  Rejected
    Emergency Preparedness and Operations (EOP)  
    EOP-006-1 Reliability Coordination - System Restoration  2009-09-16
    EOP-007-0 Establish, Maintain, & Document a Regional Blackstart Capability Plan  2010-08-24
    Facilities Design, Connections, and Maintenance (FAC)  
    FAC-011-2 System Operating Limits Methodology for the Operations Horizon  2011-11-10
    Interchange Scheduling and Coordination (INT)  
    INT-004-3.1 Dynamic Transfers  2016-01-19
    Interconnection Reliability Operations and Coordination (IRO)  
    IRO-001-4 Reliability Coordination Responsibilities 2019-07-11
    Modeling, Data and Analysis (MOD)  
    MOD-002-0 Review of TTC and ATC Calculations and Results  2009-12-17
    MOD-003-0 Regional Procedure for Input on Total Transfer Capability and Available Transfer Capability Methodologies and Values  2009-12-17
    MOD-004-1 Capacity Benefit Margin  2009-12-17
    MOD-005-0 Procedure for Verifying Capacity Benefit Margin Values  2009-12-17
    MOD-006-0 Procedure for the Use of CBM Values  2009-09-16
    MOD-007-0 Documentation of the Use of CBM  2009-09-16
    MOD-008-0 Documentation and Content of Each Regional TRM Methodology  2010-12-07
    MOD-009-0 Procedure for Verifying Transmission Reliability Margin Values  2009-12-17
    MOD-011-0 Maintenance and Distribution of Steady-State Data Requirements and Reporting Procedures  2010-11-10
    MOD-013-1 RRO Dynamics Data Requirements and Reporting Procedures  2009-09-16
    MOD-014-0 Development of Interconnection-Specific Steady State System Models  2009-09-16
    MOD-015-0 Development of Interconnection-Specific Dynamics System Models  2009-09-16
    MOD-020-0 Accounting Methodology for Effects of Controllable DSM in Forecasts  2009-09-16
    MOD-021-0 Accounting Methodology for Effects of Controllable DSM in Forecasts  2009-09-16
    MOD-021-1 Accounting Methodology for Effects of DSM in Forecasts  2016-01-19
    MOD-025-2 Verification and Data Reporting of Generator Real and Reactive Power Capability and Synchronous Condenser Reactive Power Capability  2018-05-25
    MOD-026-1 Verification of Models and Data for Generator Excitation Control System or Plant Volt/Var Control Functions 2018-11-05
    MOD-027-1 Verification of Models and Data for Turbine/Governor and Load Control or Active Power/Frequency Control Functions 2018-12-20
    MOD-028-1 Area Interchange Methodology 2010-11-10
    MOD-028-2 Area Interchange Methodology 2016-01-19
    MOD-030-1 Flowgate Methodology  2010-11-10
    MOD-030-3 Flowgate Methodology  2016-01-19
    Nuclear (NUC)  
    NUC-001-1 Nuclear Plant Interface Coordination  2009-12-18
    Personnel Performance, Training, and Qualifications (PER)  
    PER-002-0 Operating Personnel Training  2010-11-10
    PER-004-2 Reliability Coordination - Staffing  2009-09-16
    Protection and Control (PRC)  
    PRC-002-1 Define Regional Disturbance Monitoring & Reporting Requirements  2009-09-16
    PRC-003-1 Regional Procedure for Analysis of Misoperations of Transmission & Generation Protection Systems  2009-09-16
    PRC-006-0 Development & Documentation of Regional UFLS Programs  2009-09-16
    PRC-008-0 Implementation and Documentation of Underfrequency Load Shedding Equipment Maintenance Program  2018-10-12
    PRC-011-0 Undervoltage Load Shedding System Maintenance and Testing  2018-10-12
    PRC-012-0 Special Protection System Review Procedure  2009-09-16
    PRC-012-1 Remedial Action Scheme Review Procedure  2016-01-19
    PRC-013-0 Special Protection System Database  2009-09-16
    PRC-013-1 Remedial Action Scheme Database  2016-01-19
    PRC-014-0 Special Protection System Assessment  2009-09-16
    PRC-014-1 Remedial Action Scheme Assessment  2016-01-19
    PRC-017-1 Remedial Action Scheme Maintenance and Testing  2018-10-12
    PRC-020-1 Under-Voltage Load Shedding Program Database  2009-09-16
    Transmission Operations (TOP)  
    TOP-001-4 Transmission Operation  2019-07-11

    TOP-002-4 Operations Planning

    TOP-003-1 Planned Outage Coordination  2015-06-22
    TOP-003-3 Operational Reliability Data  2019-07-11

    TOP-010-1(i) Real-time Reliability Monitoring and Analysis Capabilities

    Transmission Planning (TPL)  
    TPL-005-0 Regional & Interregional Self-Assessment Reliability Reports  2009-09-16
    TPL-006-0 Assessment Data from Regional Reliability Organizations