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    Consolidated Authoritative Document Glossary

    Defining terms for ISO rules, Alberta Reliability Standards and the ISO tariff

    Stakeholder engagement is ongoing for definitions within the consolidated authoritative document glossary. To view more information on the associated changes, please click here.

    Our Consolidated Authoritative Document Glossary contains the defined terms and related definitions used within ISO rules, Alberta Reliability Standards and the ISO tariff (together, “AESO Authoritative Documents”). Our defined terms go through the same regulatory process as the AESO Authoritative Documents in which they appear.

    All defined terms used in ISO rules, Alberta Reliability Standards and the ISO tariff are listed in alphabetical order in the Consolidated Authoritative Document Glossary. Beneath each term and definition there is a reference to the type of Authoritative Document in which the term appears and the date the definition came into effect for each type of Authoritative Document.

    Within the Consolidated Authoritative Document Glossary, defined terms are represented in bold type. In the Authoritative Documents, defined terms are identified in bold type or italics.

    Download the Consolidated Authoritative Document Glossary here:

    Consolidated Authoritative Document Glossary [Posted: July 27, 2023; Effective: July 20, 2023]


    The AESO has only posted previous effective versions to April 1, 2016. For versions older than that please submit a request to