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    Engagement Framework

    Our approach

    As a stakeholder with a vested interest in ensuring Alberta continues to benefit from reliable and affordable power, your expertise and input is important to us. We recognize that the decisions we make and the actions we take in delivering on our mandate affect many different stakeholders. Effective stakeholder engagement is critical to our success and is integral to how we achieve our business goals.

    In January 2020 we rolled out our Stakeholder Engagement Framework (Framework). The Framework sets out the AESO's principles-based approach to our formal engagements with stakeholders. Our engagement principles include:

    • Principle 1: Inclusive and Accessible
    • Principle 2: Strategic and Coordinated
    • Principle 3: Transparent and Timely
    • Principle 4: Customized and Meaningful

    We are committed to respectful and timely engagement with Indigenous peoples and communities. We recognize the diverse richness in the cultural expression, the history, the deep connection to the land and environment and the unique constitutional rights of Indigenous peoples. View our engaging with Alberta’s Indigenous People and Communities principles.

    For further information and opportunities to participate, view our active engagements.

    2021 Lookback

    The AESO thanks stakeholders for their involvement, contribution and engaged dialogue across all our engagements in 2021. View our Stakeholder Engagement Lookback 2021 Infographic.

    Stakeholder feedback

    We thank all stakeholders for continuing to share their perspectives on our overall engagement approach. Your feedback reaffirms we are on the right track but there are things we could do better. Among these: reducing the volume of engagements or working to combine engagements where it makes sense to do so; providing greater clarity at the start of engagements on the problem that we are seeking to address; and improving how we demonstrate stakeholders’ feedback has been considered. We appreciate this constructive feedback and will look for opportunities to make improvements in 2022.

    In 2021, based on stakeholder feedback, we improved our website functionality, making engagement content easier to find, and we implemented consistent page design to enhance the overall stakeholder user experience. In addition, we moved the events and deadlines calendar up on the home page and provided filtering capability. We also added key dates and recent materials at the top of engagement pages and embedded visual clarity to the left-hand navigation. On a related front, we continue to pursue opportunities to improve how we coordinate engagements; a key step in this area has been to standardize the notification lead time for upcoming sessions as well as the posting of materials in advance of a session to provide a consistent block of time for stakeholders to prepare, allowing for a more meaningful participation in the sessions they attend.


    If you have questions, please contact and subscribe to our stakeholder newsletter for updates.