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    Indigenous Peoples and Communities

    We recognize the diverse richness in the cultural expression, the history, the deep connection to the land and environment and the unique constitutional rights of Indigenous peoples. Where there is a potential that Indigenous peoples and communities could be affected by our business activities, we are committed to timely and sincere engagement in accordance with the following principles.



    The AESO acknowledges that Indigenous peoples have a unique relationship with the land, and continue to practice traditional land use activities on unoccupied Crown Lands and within their local communities.  We further acknowledge that certain lands are set aside as reserve lands under Treaties 6, 7 and 8 in Alberta while other lands are set aside as Métis Settlements under the Métis Settlements Act.


    The AESO acknowledges and respects the customs and protocols of the Indigenous peoples, communities, and their Elders that lead and guide traditional decision making.  We recognize that we can learn from the diverse languages, social institutions and cultures of Indigenous peoples from across the Province.

    Cooperation and Engagement

    The AESO will engage with Indigenous peoples whose rights may be affected by our business activities early in the process and before decisions are made. Through cooperation, we hope to facilitate a mutual understanding of potential interests and impacts related to the AESO’s operations and develop appropriate responses that adequately address any issues and concerns that may arise.  

    Applying the Principles

    We're responsible for planning Alberta's network of towers, wires and related infrastructure and operating Alberta's electricity grid safely and reliably. We're also responsible for developing and operating Alberta's wholesale electricity market and connecting electricity generators and industrial customers to the grid.

    When the AESO meets with Indigenous communities, we adhere to the above principles and respect the distinct cultural practices and protocols of the communities. Some of our engagement mechanisms include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Face-to-face, hand delivery of transmission development information to members of the potentially impacted Indigenous communities
    • Direct telephone/email communication with  members of the Indigenous community to ensure the information has been received and answer any questions
    • In-person meetings with appropriate AESO representatives and members of the Indigenous community, and/or Chief and Council upon request.