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    Stakeholder Engagement Framework


    As a stakeholder with a vested interest in ensuring Alberta continues to benefit from reliable and affordable power, your expertise and input is important to us. We recognize that the decisions we make and the actions we take in delivering on our mandate affect many different stakeholders. Effective stakeholder engagement is critical to our success and is integral to how we achieve our business goals.

    In January 2020 we rolled out our Stakeholder Engagement Framework (Framework). The Framework sets out the AESO's approach to our formal engagements with stakeholders. Prior to our launch, we sought and incorporated your feedback into the Framework. 

    For the latest stakeholder engagements, click here to visit our AESO initiatives page.

    2020 Lookback

    The AESO sincerely thanks stakeholders for their involvement, contribution and engaged dialogue across all our engagements in 2020. Please click here to see our Stakeholder Engagement Lookback 2020 Infographic.

    Stakeholder feedback

    We thank all stakeholders who shared their perspectives with us through our Annual Stakeholder Engagement Survey – Lookback 2020. The results reaffirm that our Framework is robust and is guided by the right principles. However, your feedback indicated there are things we could do better. Among these: improve website functionality to make engagement content easier to find; and, secondly, improve the coordination and communication of our engagements to allow stakeholders more time to effectively participate. We appreciate this constructive feedback and will look for opportunities to make improvements in 2021.

    Stakeholder Engagement Lookback Infographic v5

    Our engagement approach

    We take a principles-based approach to engagement with our stakeholders guided by the following:

    • Principle 1: Inclusive and Accessible
    • Principle 2: Strategic and Coordinated
    • Principle 3: Transparent and Timely
    • Principle 4: Customized and Meaningful


    If you have any other questions, please contact and subscribe to our stakeholder newsletter for updates.