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    ARS Compliance Monitoring


    We are obligated to monitor market participant's compliance with the Alberta Reliability Standards (ARS) in accordance with the Transmission Regulation. We maintain a compliance monitoring program specific to the ARS.

    The following accordions include materials and information on compliance monitoring processes within the compliance monitoring program as well as reliability standards audit worksheets.

    Stakeholder information sessions

    The purpose of these information sessions is to periodically review, provide updates and share lessons learned on the compliance monitoring program and answer stakeholder questions.

    • Session 6 | Oct. 26, 2021

      The AESO hosted a virtual information session on Oct. 26, 2021 from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.


      The purpose of the session is to review new technology, tools and documentation related to the ARS Compliance Monitoring Program including:

      • Self-Certification Portal | A online portal which serves as a mechanism to exchange information to the AESO
      • Advanced Self-Certification | An additional tool for assessing compliance with new standards during self-certification
      • Documentation | Updates to documentation including format changes to draft and final report, areas of concern and observation reports, and removal of exception and periodic reporting from the Compliance Monitoring Program

      Session 6 materials

    • Sessions 3, 4 ,5 | Nov. – Dec. 2020

      The AESO hosted virtual information sessions on:

      • PER-003 and PER-005 on Nov. 24, 2021
      • PRC-002 and PRC-005 on Nov. 26, 2021
      • FAC-008 and EOP-008 on Dec. 1, 2021


      The purpose of these information sessions was to share the lessons learned from the power system audits completed in Q1 to Q3 2020 so that industry can:

      • Better understand the requirements
      • Understand what is expected to demonstrate compliance

      Information session materials

    • Session 2 | Nov. 20, 2018

      The AESO hosted an information session on Nov. 20, 2018.


      The purpose of the session was to share the lessons learned from the CIP audits completed in 2018 with the industry, so that

      • We better understand the technical requirements
      • We understand what is expected to demonstrate compliance
      • We are aware of process improvements
      • Ultimately, when you are preparing for an audit, that you know how to prepare evidence to show you are compliant

      Session 2 materials

    • Session 1 | Oct. 25, 2017

      The AESO hosted an information session on Oct. 25, 2017.


      The purpose of the session was to provide understanding of the CIP compliance monitoring program and approach

      • Provides assurances to the industry that those involved in reliability and security are meeting the standards set out
      • What do you need to know to be ready to demonstrate you are compliant
      • Not about how to be ‘technically compliant’, but how to show you are if you are

      Session 1 materials


    ARS Compliance Monitoring Program materials

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