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    Information Documents

    We develop Information Documents to provide guidance regarding AESO Authoritative Documents, which consist of the ISO rules, the Alberta Reliability Standards and the ISO tariff. Information Documents are not authoritative in that they do not contain any requirements that the AESO or market participants must comply with.

    Authoritative Documents are created by the AESO under the authority of the Electric Utilities Act and that statute's regulations and contain binding legal requirements for both market participants and the AESO. In the event of any discrepancy between an Information Document and any AESO Authoritative Document in effect, the AESO Authoritative Document governs.

    The content of Information Documents may include:

    • AESO contact information relating to an AESO Authoritative Document requirement
    • Forms or templates that market participants may use in order to meet the requirements of an AESO Authoritative Document
    • Information, maps, diagrams and examples that may be helpful to market participants

    We create or amend Information Documents when we determine that guidance may be useful to market participants. If an existing Information Document is no longer useful, we will remove it from our website. Market participants are notified of any new, amended or removed Information Documents through the AESO Stakeholder Newsletter.

    It is not our standard practice to post or provide previous versions of Information Documents. We recommend that market participants maintain copies of posted Information Documents if they wish to track the changes to those documents over time. 

    The following diagram illustrates the key steps to developing, amending or removing an Information Document.


    All Information Documents are posted to our website along with the related Authoritative Document(s). Read about the ISO rules, Alberta Reliability Standards and the ISO tariff here:

    Current Information Documents

    Individual Information Documents for ISO Rules and Alberta Reliability Standards

    ID Number ID Name Posting Date


    Acceptable Operational Reasons


    2010-001R Facility Modelling Data and List of Electrical and Physical Parameters for Transmission System Model  2021-07-26
    2010-002R Becoming a Pool Participant  2016-09-28
    2010-003RS Disturbance Monitoring Equipment Locations  2016-09-28
    2010-005R Bulk Transmission Line Technical Requirements  2012-01-01
    2010-006RS PRC-001-AB3-1.1(ii) Protection System Coordination  2017-10-04
    2010-007RS General Operating Practice – Voltage Control  2022-02-03
    2011-001R Available Transfer Capability and Transfer Path Management  2021-08-06
    2011-002R Power Pool Settlement Guide  2022-04-01
    2011-003R Schedule of ISO Fees (2022)  2022-03-22
    2011-004R Northwest Area Transmission Constraint Management  2019-03-19
    2011-006R Markets Suspension or Limited Markets Operations  2015-04-16
    2011-007R Wind and Solar Power Forecasting  2021-03-30
    2011-008R Northeast Area Transmission Constraint Management  2021-10-27
    2011-010R Supply Surplus  2018-09-04
    2012-001R Aggregated Generating Facility Designation Criterion  2012-02-14
    2012-001RS Communication Telecommunications COM-001-AB-1.1  2013-10-01
    2012-002R Electric Motor Start Requirements  2012-03-06
    2012-003R Transmission Facility Projects  2012-05-16
    2012-004R Protection System Information  2012-12-31
    2012-004RS Transmission Protection Relay Loadability  2018-12-06
    2012-005R Dispatches  2020-06-19
    2012-005RS Balancing Authority Control  2020-01-24
    2012-006R Adequacy, Supply Shortfall and Energy Emergency Alerts  2021-12-22
    2012-007R Long Lead Time Energy  2013-01-08
    2012-008R Energy Offers and Bids  2021-12-03
    2012-009R Restatements  2020-06-19
    2012-010R Dispatch and Directive Records  2013-01-08
    2012-011R Coordinating Energization, Commissioning, Ancillary Services Testing and Operational Testing  2012-12-31
    2012-012R Coordinating Synchronization, Commissioning, WECC Testing, Ancillary Services Testing, or Operational Testing  2020-09-08
    2012-013R SCADA Technical and Operating Requirements  2021-03-08
    2012-015R Cold Lake Area Transmission Constraint Management  2014-12-18
    2012-016R Fort Saskatchewan Area Transmission Constraint Management  2019-07-11
    2012-017R Crossfield Area Transmission Constraint Management  2016-09-28
    2012-018R Central East Area Transmission Constraint Management  2019-03-19
    2012-028R Synchrophasor Measurement Unit  2020-06-04
    2013-001R Energy Trading System Pool Participant Manual: Submissions  2021-03-29
    2013-003R Outages  2022-04-01
    2013-004R Keephills Ellerslie Genesee Area Transmission Constraint Management  2018-05-03
    2013-005R Operating Reserve  2020-06-19
    2013-006R Regulating Reserve  2018-02-01
    2013-007R Contingency Reserve  2018-02-01
    2013-009R South Area Transmission Constraint Management  2022-03-30
    2014-001R Calgary Area Operations  2014-02-20
    2014-002RS FAC-501-WECC-AB2-1 R1 Identified Transmission Paths  2016-09-28
    2014-003RS System Operating Limits Methodology  2016-10-04
    2015-001R Calgary Area Transmission Constraint Management  2021-01-20
    2015-002R Service Proposals and Cost Estimating  2022-03-04
    2015-003RS Guidance Information for CIP Standards  2022-04-01
    2015-006R Calculation of Pool Price and Transmission Constraint Rebalancing Costs during a Constraint Event  2016-09-28
    2016-001R Battery Energy Storage Facility Technical and Operating Requirements  2020-06-22
    2016-002R Event Notification and Reporting  2018-04-30
    2016-003RS Automatic Time Error Correction Formula  2017-01-24
    2016-004RS CIP-002-AB-5.1 Impact Rating Criteria  2019-10-01
    2016-006 Radial Circuit  2021-02-09

    Requests for Information Regarding Authoritative Documents

    2017-002RS Generator Relay Loadability  2019-09-24
    2017-003RS CIP-004 Clarification  2019-08-28

    FAC-008-AB-3 Facility Ratings

    2017-006R Automated Dispatch and Messaging System and Voice Communication Requirements  2017-05-30
    2017-013R Model Validation and Reactive Power Report Guidance  2022-01-14
    2018-001R Incidental ISO Rule Amendment  2018-05-11
    2018-003RS System Restoration from Blackstart Resources  2018-06-07
    2018-004RS PRC-019-AB-2 Supplemental Information   2020-12-16
    2018-005R Central West Area Transmission Constraint Management  2019-02-07
    2018-007 CIP-014-AB-2 Guidance Information 2020-03-20
    2018-009 PRC-005 Supplemental Information 2019-07-05
    2018-011 PRC-004 Supplemental Information 2019-04-10
    2018-013 Wind and Solar Power Ramp up Management 2021-03-22
    2018-014R Aggregated Generating Facilities Technical Requirements 2020-06-22
    2018-015R AESO Designation of Generating Units 2018-09-04

    PRC-002-AB-2 Disturbance Monitoring and Reporting Requirements

    2018-023 PER-003-AB-1 Clarification of Terms  2018-12-20

    FAC-003-AB1-1 Guidance Information

    2019-046 VAR-002-AB-3 2019-10-30
    2019-047 VAR-501-WECC-AB-1 Additional Information 2019-06-12
    2019-048 VAR-002-WECC-AB-1 2019-06-11

    Section 502.7 Load Facility Technical Requirements


    Reasons for Access Rules and Ports Opening


    AESO Compliance Complaint Information


    Waiver and Variance Requests


    Energy Storage Guidelines


    Bulk Electric System Definition



    Guideline for T-Tap Connections


    Identifying, Protecting and Securely Handling BES Cyber System Information 


    Generating Unit Technical Requirements




    Cyber Security Recovery Plans for BES Cyber Systems CIP-009-AB-5


    EOP-011 Emergency Operations 


    Alberta Underfrequency Load Shedding Program

    Appendix 1 – Underfrequency Load Shedding Data Reporting Template


    PER-006 Supplemental Information


    PRC-010 Under Voltage Load Shed Program


    Information Documents for Tariff