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    City of Edmonton Transmission Reinforcement (7078)

    Transmission system reinforcement is needed in the northeast area of the City of Edmonton to reliably serve the growing demand for electricity in the area. In addition, EPCOR, the transmission facility owner in Edmonton, has identified a need to replace aging infrastructure.  

    To maintain reliability, the AESO is proposing to add a 240 kilovolt (kV) substation near the existing Clover Bar substation and connect it to the existing 240 kV transmission line 915L. Additionally, two 72 kV transmission lines will be added to connect the new substation to the existing Namao substation. The Namao substation will be modified, and the existing Kennedale substation will be decommissioned along with other aging transmission infrastructure in the area. 

    While the AESO is responsible for identifying the need for transmission reinforcement and the proposed solutions to meet that need, EPCOR is responsible for substation and transmission line locations, structure types and related upgrades. Please visit EPCOR’s website at for further information.  

    Please see the document(s) below for more information.  

    Needs Identification Document

    City of Edmonton Transmission Reinforcement Needs Identification Document [Posted: Dec. 7, 2023]

    Appendix A - Planning Report
    Appendix B - AESO Load and Generation Forecast
    Appendix C - TFO Cost Estimates
    Appendix D - AESO Participant Involvement Program (PIP)
    Appendix E - TFO Environmental and Land Use Effects Assessment
    Appendix F - TFO Asset Condition Report

    Notice of Filing

    The AESO intends to file the City of Edmonton Transmission Reinforcement Needs Identification Document Application with the Alberta Utilities Commission on or after December 7, 2023.

    Key Documents 

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