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    Technology Integration


    The technology landscape is transforming at an accelerating pace. As the organization responsible for the resiliency of the grid in Alberta, it is imperative that we gain wisdom on the impacts of technology as it relates to our system.  As we move into this new space and assess new technologies, the AESO is looking forward to having discussions related to changes in technology. 

    The AESO is dedicated to enabling technology in the Alberta Interconnected Electric System and is open to suggestions and feedback. The AESO is currently integrating new technologies into Alberta’s electricity framework. 

    Related Initiatives  

    Technology Forward 2021 

    The AESO recognizes it must be agile in response to changing industry technologies. Key to this approach is cross-functional collaboration with industry and government to understand and anticipate new technologies and mitigate potential challenges.  

    The purpose of this document is to: 

    • Provide an overview of technologies at various stages of maturity across the electricity value chain
    • Summarize the stage of development and pace of adoption of these technologies as they relate to Alberta
    • Highlight technologies we believe will influence the industry in Alberta within the next 10 years 
    • Encourage dialogue among industry and stakeholders on the pace of technology adaptation and the rate of adaptation as it pertains to the electricity value chain in Alberta

    The AESO values stakeholder input on technology integration opportunities.  Contact us with any questions at