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    Requests for Information, Waivers or Variances Regarding Authoritative Documents

    COVID-19 related Waiver and Variance Requests

    The AESO would like to remind market participants of the opportunities available to them under Section 103.14 of the ISO rules, Waivers and Variances, under certain reliability standards and the ISO tariff to request a waiver or variance if they anticipate that they will be unable to fulfill the requirements set out in specified ISO rules and sections of the reliability standards and ISO tariff.

    For additional details, please see the AESO notice here.

    Requests for Information regarding Authoritative Document Requirements

    We encourage you to thoroughly review the Authoritative Documents, which include ISO rules, Alberta Reliability Standards and the ISO tariff, and any related Information Documents pertaining to the particular subject area that you are interested in.

    In the event that you need further information regarding the requirements of an existing Authoritative Document, please refer to:

    ID #2017-001, Requests for Information Regarding Authoritative Documents.

    In the event you need further information regarding the requirements of a proposed new or amended Authoritative Document, we encourage you to participate in the related stakeholder engagement process.

    Requests for a Waiver or Variance to an Authoritative Document Requirement

    Some ISO rules, Alberta reliability standards and sections of the ISO tariff expressly allow the AESO to consider and grant a waiver of, or variance to, Authoritative Document requirements. If you have a request for a waiver or variance, including a technical feasibility exception, please refer to:

    ID #2020-007, Waivers and Variances Requests.

    Notice of potential rule amendment from RFI request letter

    The purpose of this letter is to provide Stakeholders notice of potential amendments to Section 304.9, which applies to the legal owners of wind and solar aggregated generating facilities (“legal owners”). The AESO considers that this letter will be of interest to current and prospective legal owners and developers of wind aggregated generating facilities in Alberta.

    Notice of potential amendments to Section 304.9 of the ISO rules, Wind and Solar Aggregated Generating Facility Forecasting (“Section 304.9”) [Posted: September 23, 2021]