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    Active Engagements


    Stakeholder perspectives are important to the AESO. We view stakeholders’ expertise and insights as a critical part of the engagement process we undertake to reach decisions. We achieve success through your continued participation in and contributions to our engagements. Our engagements embrace opportunities to minimize cost, reduce regulatory burden, develop appropriate pricing signals and create simpler and more agile business processes.

    AESO Engage Platform

    On September 22, 2022, the AESO launched AESO Engage, our new external engagement platform, for non-regulatory stakeholder engagements. Visit AESO Engage for engagement information, updates, and opportunities to help shape the future of electricity in Alberta. 

    Click on the following active engagements and you will be automatically redirected to their new AESO Engage project page:

    Regulatory engagements, including ISO rules, reliability standards and tariff consultations, will remain on until 2023 when we will begin a phase II implementation of regulatory engagements onto the AESO Engage platform.

    AMP = Adjusted Metering Practice, ARS = Alberta Reliability Standards, CIP = Critical Infrastructure Protection, COM = Communications, Dx = Distribution, ES = Energy Storage, MSSC = Most Severe Single Contingency, OR = Operating Reserve, TCM = Transmission Constraint Management, Tx = Transmission

    View our completed engagements.

    Materials relating to stakeholder engagements that began two or more years ago may be removed from the AESO website. It’s not our standard practice to re-post or provide previous stakeholder engagement materials. We recommend that stakeholders maintain copies of posted stakeholder engagement materials if they wish to refer back to them in the future. 

    If you have any questions, please contact and subscribe to our stakeholder newsletter for updates.